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The Pros And Cons Of Laminated Flooring

The Pros and Cons of Laminate Flooring

Install Laminated flooring

Install Laminated flooring

Oh sure, I love it. If you have kids running around and pets it’s a great alternative to real oak hardwood flooring. However, not always the best choice. Laminate will last a long time, but real 3/4 inch thick oak flooring will last a lifetime. Oh yeah, it will also cost you a lot more. To where anyone can install a laminate floor in a matter of hours, it’s so true with a real solid wood floor. Take a look at my video and you’ll see what I mean.

But a note on hardwood flooring. Nothing at all can beat real 3/4″ hardwood. It can be 50 years old and with a good refinishing it would look brand new again. It will stand up to just about anything. Unlike a laminate floor if a piece in the middle of the floor needs to be replaced it can be. I mean not easy by no means but it can be done. Laminate floor, well rip it all up and start over again. No matter how you slice and dice it there are pros and cons in anything in this world.

So now that you’ll see that the laminate floor can hold up to a harsh environment, what do you think? You have so many choices on what floor to install, you have tile, hardwood, carpet, linoleum, VCT tiles, Allure. And many more that I’m sure I missed. But of course, it’s all about what you want and how much money you want to spend, right. The good thing about laminate is it’s cheaper than most. It can be installed in a few hours and of course, you don’t need any special tools to install it. Hardwood on the other hand not so easy. 

The pros and cons of laminate flooring
Watch this video on YouTube.
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Can u do polyurethane on vinyl floors?


Our laminate floor makes a crackling noise when we walk on it!!!! The noise is different at different times of day & on some days there is no noise!!! What is going on???? Can anyone help me???

kitchen floor tiles

I think you are right and thanks to post this informative post.Laminated flooring is a good way to increase beauty of house but everthing is in this universe had associated with pros and cons.


Can Allure flooring be used in places subject to north east extreme temperatures?


Iam looking to know what kind of flooring should I use in a wet basement? Can you give me a few suggestion that I can do it myself and are inexpensive?