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How to Remove a Satellite Dish and seal the holes left behind

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Sorry for the voice-over. Had some issues with the wireless mic but I didn’t want to waste the video.

Sealing the hole left behind from the screws is very important. They make roofing tar for a caulking gun. You’ll be able to purchase this in any home store. A little tab is all you need. Spread it around a little is all you need.

And trust me. I’ve had satellite dish TV before and as long as it’s mounted correctly with no obstructions and really heavy cloud cover they work just great. In my personal opinion, I like the satellite much better than the cable companies.

How to Remove a Satellite Dish and seal the holes left behind
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Comments ( 4 )

  1. Thanks 4 the tip Dom, I’m sure the wife will find this handy when she goes on our roof to do the same. Bless that woman.

  2. Hi Dominick,

    I have a satellite dish mounted on the post (leg)of my deck. Could you tell me how this dish is to be removed? Once removed what should I use to seal the holes left by the bolts. Also do I have to cut the cables (what should I use to cut the cables) attached to the dish before it is to be removed?

    Thank you

    • Just unbolt it. The wires you could either just cut them where there are or follow them back to where they go into the house and cut them there. Or if need just connect the cable from the road to that wire. Depending what you want to do.

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