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Home Security Door Tips

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It’s so easy for someone to break in your door is would make you sick. In this article and video, I’ll show you a few tips and tricks to at least help slow down the bad guys.

When it comes to home security it’s not about keeping the bad guys out but rather slowing them down. Especially if you’re home. So let’s talk about your door lock.

So you went out and bought or paid someone to install a top-of-the-line door lock. But without these simple tips, your lock is worthless.

Now let’s not forget about the other side of the door, yeah you guessed it. The hinge side. No one ever thinks about that side. It’s actually very weak. You have these little screws holding the hinges on. Oh wow, yeah that’s not going to work. So let’s remove at least one on each hinge and replace it with a nice three-inch screw.

On most fair quality exterior keyed door locks you’ll have what’s called a “Deadlocking Plunger”  From the picture you can what it looks like. These are less there to prevent someone from doing the credit card trick on your door. So eve, after adding longer screws to your door, buying the top-of-the-line lock a simple overlook on this, means diddly. So do pay attention to this as well.

I’m mean come on. If someone really wants to get in, they are. So, for now, let’s just slow them down. Enough time for your wife to call for help perhaps.  So the cost of a few long screws and about 5 minutes of your time you could make your home that much safer. Or get more life insurance on your, hey your choice. For me, well I took the insurance out. But that’s a whole other story.

Deadlocking PlungerPin
Deadlocking Plunger
Home Security Door Tips
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  1. The long screw to striker plate went can miss stud. i angle screw in slightly to hit the stud.

  2. Good job Dominick!

  3. Wow, never thought of the long screws! So simple, thanks!

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