How To Install Laminate Floor

How to install laminate flooring video.

Install laminated flooring
Install laminated flooring

Laminate flooring is so nice and so easy to install. The very first thing you need to do is clean that floor. The last thing you want to do is leave something behind. So make sure you pick up everything. Even the littlest piece of dirt or stone from your shoes will make you nuts. It’s nice to put the floor down the first time but it stinks having to pull it back up if you discover you left something behind. After you cleaned the floor you will want to lay down the laminate padding. Padding usually comes three-foot-wide, I like to only lay down two courses at a time. Otherwise, you risk the chance of damaging it as you work.

Some floors now and like the one I installed in the video come with the padding attached already, cool deal. It makes it that much easier. Figure out what direction you want to run it and find and start with the longest wall. This is usually the straightest one. Lay full pieces down end to end and start connecting. Make sure you leave about 1/4 inch at the wall ends. This is very important because this is a floating floor and it needs room to expand. Now on the second course, you will want to start with a half board, this way you start to stagger the boards where you won’t have any two ends meet. Now the third course. Start with 1/4 of aboard. Now you can start all over with a full one. You’ll get the hang of it by now.

Usually, you will be installing this with the base trim already in place. You can either remove and reinstall the trim and use what is called 3/4 1/4 round. This is a small trim that will cover up the ugly ends of the floor and is rather easy to install.

This should get you damn close to being done. If you feel at any time you need more detail please just ask me. Laminate flooring is rather simple to do but sometimes we just need a little help.

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How to install laminate flooring
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