How to Remodel a Bathroom

How to Remodel a Bathroom

In these videos, we completely gutted and remodeled a whole bathroom. This is a very typical bathroom size of 5’x 10′

A bathroom remodel can cost near 10k just using the cheap stuff. So let me help you save a ton. A few things you would never want to skimp on would be the bathtub. Bathtubs don’t just come out that easy. So here is where you want to really think about it.

A toilet, vanity, all that can be replaced in minutes if you so desired to. The diverter valve, this is the water valve for your shower can not just be replaced either. So make sure you buy a name brand and one you can live with for years.

I mean the same holds true for the tile as well. But yeah you could replace them if you wanted to, but why. Save up until you can buy the ones you want and do it once.

In this bathroom the ceiling sheetrock was undamaged and there was no reason to replace it, so I didn’t. However as you can see the walls had to be.



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