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How To Make And Install Fascia

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Making your own is so much better than buying the pre-made stuff. Yeah yeah, it’s easier for sure, but don’t you want your fascia to look nice?

Of course, you do. Well, all you need is a brake. Easy enough to rent one from a tool rental store. Some Home Depots even rent them. But you’ll need the correct metal and color. Here is an Amazon link to some fascia Trim Coil on amazon Of course the big box stores have it as well.

Aluminum Trim Coil comes in a 24″x50′ roll. Now, this may not seem like much, but it really is. To do a normal fascia you’ll need about 7″x10′ pice. That’s quite a bit leftover.

Tools Needed: First, of course, you’ll need a brake. This you can rent. A very sharp utility knife, tape measure, hammer and a nice pair of siding scissors. Longnose snips.

Material: Trim coil (stock) These come in many colors. The box stores are really only to have white and brown. And you’ll need these small colored aluminum nails. These nails can be a real pain to nail in straight. So take your time.

Measure: Oh this sounds simple enough right? Well, let me tell you, measure 10 times and cut/bend once. Once it’s done, it’s done.

How To Make And Install Fascia
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