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How To Replace Vinyl Siding

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How to replace vinyl siding

Even if you didn’t melt your siding this video will be helpful in learning how to remove and replace vinyl siding. Now always know that vinyl siding will expand when it gets hot. So never ever make your pieces too big. If you make them too big they can pop and buckle. Then you will have to remove all of the siding and re-cut them. As well as nailing, never bang the nail in all the way smashing the siding tight. If you do this then the siding cant move on its own when it

This will only make it buckle and pop off your house. When nailing always use a galvanized or aluminum nails for vinyl siding. You want to install the nail just so it just touches the siding. It will take you a little practice to get it right. Remember this, the longer the piece you’re working with the more you need to pay attention to those nails.

Removing and replacing vinyl siding
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