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How to Install Vinyl Siding

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Installing vinyl siding is really easy for the most part.

Things to know

You’ll never want to smash the nails down too tight. This would only prevent the siding from moving. And moving is what you want.

Pay attention when cutting the siding. Always cut in straight lines.

Use roofing nails, these have large heads.

Always pay attention to where you start the siding so you’ll keep those laps hidden from the main entrance to your property.

Siding panel come in 12 foot long.

Don’t add little pieces. If you get the end and realize you need a 4″ piece, you’ll want to go back and cut more off the other end in order to have a long end piece.

Save all scraps until you’re 100% done.

Always use a metal starter.

A nice long level will be your best friend, so always check your work. Fixing an uneven panel now is a lot easier than doing it later.

Make sure every panel is locked in good.

Make sure every panel can move left to right.

How to Install Vinyl Siding
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