How to install a window

This is for a completely new window install. Not a replacement window which is very different. A new window should not fit real tight in the opening. You should have at 3/4″ of an inch cap on all sides. This space is great for adding insulation.

No matter what type of window you’re installing you should always use a square on all four corners. Now no house is really framed 100% straight. To where windows should be installed straight and level.

You would use nails with a large head, roofing nails work great for this.  Don’t skimp on these. Make sure you nail at least every four inches making sure that the nailing flange is tight against the plywood. Any caps here will allow the outside air to come right into the house.


5 thoughts on “How to install a window”

  1. charlie bohemia n.y.

    Thanks for the video,I now know how to put a window in. You were a great heip. Good health to you.

  2. Can cut them or break them. As long as they are out of the way for the trim. You’ll want to support the corners with shims otherwise you’ll be relying on the nails to hold that heavy window up. Nails rust, or can..

  3. do you break or cut excess shim material when your done and why do you need to shim outside corner that you raised?

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