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Low Water Pressure

Table of Contents
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Doesn’t well water pressure just stink? Well, it doesn’t have to. Most plumbers and builders just install the equipment and leave it at the factory settings. Why, well because they’re either too lazy or don’t know how to set the pressures right.

Anyone that knows city water pressure really hates the pressure from a well. Well until now that is. Follow my instructions and you’ll also have some great pressure in the shower.

First things first. The pressure tank is very important so it’s important that you make sure it’s still in working condition. Tap the sides from the bottom up. Listen for the thump sound to change to a more hollow sound. That would be a great indicator that it’s ok.

1) Turn the power off.

2) If you have a valve inline to shut the water flow to the house close that and keep it closed until you’re all done with this.

3) Release the pressure in the system by opening a spigot near the pressure switch.

4) Take note of the pressure gauge and let it drain down to 0 psi.

5) So let’s say you’re looking for a 40-60 setting. You’ll want the air pressure in the tank to be about 36-38 psi. so adjust that now by adding or removing air from the tank.

6) You’ll have two spring loaded nuts on the pressure switch. As shown in this picture. By turning these nuts down “clockwise”, you’ll increase the pressure setting. Turning them up “counterclockwise” will reduce the pressure setting.

Low Water Pressure
Watch this video on YouTube.
Doing my best to bring you the best videos I know how.

7) Ok so now with all the water pressure released you’ll need to check the air in the tank using a regular tire gauge. You’ll be looking for 2 pounds lower than the cut in setting you’ll have for your well pump switch. So if you’ll have 40 you’ll want 38 psi in the tank.

IMG 2291 4 e1381275846454Pin
Well pump pressure switch
IMG 2293Pin
Well Pump Manifold

8) Now the fun stuff. Let’s start with the cut in side (low side) but bigger spring as show in the picture. Give this a few turns clockwise. Now, of course, this all depends on what you had before and what you’ll be looking to have.

9) Go ahead and turn the power back on and let it fill up. Not the pressure you have when it turned off. That’s the cutoff pressure. Should still be the same when you started. But now release the pressure once again and let’s see how low the gauge goes. You’ll be looking for 40 psi or whatever you want it to be. Settings can be  20 – 40 , 30 -50 or 40-60 psi. so keep doing this until you get your pressure right on the cut in side (low side).

10) Now let’s do the high side (cut off) This is what’s going to make the biggest difference in the shower. Turn the cut in adjustment clockwise and few turns, turn the power back on and let’s see when the pump turns off. Never go higher than 60 psi. Damage can happen to the switch and your plumbing. Once you did all this re-install the cover, turn the power on and take a shower, you need one.

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  1. Great video work. Close shots, great audio. Very easy to understand. I’ll go through it again tomorrow before I attempt any service work.

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