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How to Replace the Anode Rod in your Hot Water Heater

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How to replace the anode rod in your hot water heater. These rods are made from soft metals. Like zinc for older ones and what I’ve seen now is aluminum. Soft metal because the hard and acid waters will attack these softer metals that can be replaced as opposed to the metals of your faucets and plumbing.

So it’s really a good idea to at least inspect them once a year and replace them whenever needed.

Table of Contents

Tools you will need

I would assume most of you may not have a very large breaker bar or even better yet a good air impact wrench. These rods can so tight that you won’t be laughing any time soon. The breaker bar is something you can just go to the store and purchase, not a big deal. However, an impact wrench with air hoses and a large air compressor could just be like my treadmill, sitting in the corner collecting dust. But for sure would make the job so much easier.

How to Replace the Anode Rod in your Hot Water Heater.
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