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How to install laminate on stairs

4.3/5 - (24 votes)

Just go slow. Make all your cuts nice a straight. Before you even begin with this project you should ask yourself. Do you have little kids running around wearing just socks? If so, you may not want to install laminate on your stairs. No doubt about it looks nice as can be. But is very slippery, to say the least.

OK, for the big bucks. The stair nosing that I used in this video was not cheap at all. When you go to buy the laminate floor of your choice ask them if they have “matching” stair nosing. Very important, you’ll be surprised by how many manufacturers don’t.

Comments ( 51 )

  1. Hello Dominic,
    Can I install preattached foam underlayment laminate flooring ( Kaindl One 12.0 plus )on my stair ? and what about on the landing foam or not foam, or glue ? and also do I need to remove the existing treats? since I’m going to install the stair nose !

    • You would remove the padding for the stairs and leave it for the landing and glue it down for the treads. Float it for the landing. And no you would leave the treads.

  2. THANK YOU for making this video!!!! I’m terrified to tackle my laminate flooring project but more confident now that I’ve watched your video (and a few others).

    I do have one question about the stairs – I purchased Allen + Roth laminate flooring with the pad already attached (I have 2 bedrooms and a hallway to do as well) and the matching stair bullnose. Your instructions say to glue down the planks for the stairs – can you glue the planks down with the attached pad or is there another method that is better? I can’t seem to find anything on this question – anywhere.

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  3. Hi Dominick, Thanks for the great video. My 14 stairs have been unfinished for two years now. At $100 a step, professional installation is not an option! I would like to add the riser as well. Can I just use a regular laminate panel from the box, or will I need to purchase a complete riser-tread-stair nose kit ($40 a step)? Also, how do you finish off the edge where the riser and tread meet? How many nails do you add to the stair nose for a 36″ step, and what size nails to you use? :)

    • Always a pleasure. a $100. a step ? . That’s $1,300 bucks. Yes laminate right out of the box is what I used in this video. It’s the nosing that you’ll need to get. Either you could use a larger one like I did and glue and nail it about every four inches. Or chop off your existing nosing and use something different. It really depends on what you find at the store.

  4. I don't remember, but it was bought from Home Depot. However I done this tons of times and never cut off the existing bull nose.

  5. No glue should work just fine. But use a good construction glue.

  6. Dom, Just watched your video on installing laminate on stairs. Great video, thanks. My question is, do I follow the same procedure on a concrete landing that is 7' X 14', ie: glue entire floor down? Also, since I can't nail the stair nose down, do I have to install recessed screws?

  7. Loved the video, but a question: Most of the laminate sites I've visited instruct you to cut off the existing bull nose to make "flush edge", before installing the new bullnose which will fit flush with the laminate. Sounds like a lot of labor and mess! So, who manufactured the product you used in the video, since they stated you could put it directly over the existing bullnose? I want to use this stuff! Thanks!

  8. Well you can. But the flooring needs to interlock with each other as well as the stair nosing.

  9. I want to know can I install my laminate, flooring and stairs perpendicular to each other, if it is possible than how we can finish flooring near the stair nosing. please if you have any videos or any suggestion please email me

  10. Yes you would. You can also do the sides if you like or if even needed.

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