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How to install laminate on stairs

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Just go slow. Make all your cuts nice a straight. Before you even begin with this project you should ask yourself. Do you have little kids running around wearing just socks? If so, you may not want to install laminate on your stairs. No doubt about it looks nice as can be. But is very slippery, to say the least.

OK, for the big bucks. The stair nosing that I used in this video was not cheap at all. When you go to buy the laminate floor of your choice ask them if they have “matching” stair nosing. Very important, you’ll be surprised by how many manufacturers don’t.

How to install laminate flooring on stairs.
Watch this video on YouTube.
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  1. Is there any type of preparation to the stairs that need to be done prior to installing the laminate?

  2. No not really, however just make sure that you don't have nails or staples sticking up and you're good to go.

  3. Where ever you bought the flooring from should have it and the color that matches. How much ? well it's not cheap but make sure you do use a real wood for this. Average stair is like 36" wide.

  4. Most will paint the risers however you could install the laminate on the riser. If you are make sure you do that first.

  5. I found you on You tube and was really stoke to see your website at the end of the video, you really don't understand how much your video helps. I alot of DIY projects for my home since the contractors never finished there job and this stair project I just couldn't figure it out. But with your video, I totally get it now. MAHALO NUI! that means thank you VERY MUCH! I can now start on this project and hopefully get it off my task list.

  6. Mahalo nui to you to. Yeah I been to Hawaii a few times, LOL. Really glad I was able to help you out. Feel free to ask for help if you need it.

    Regards… Dominick

  7. I have a question on my first step, one side is is half rounder and i bought a laminate bullnose step. houw could I bullnose the end part?.

  8. Dominic–

    We had the Allure TILE (Livorno Onyx) professionally installed in our kitchen by a tile guy, but he did not finish the job by installing it on our two steps that lead down to the mudroom. He said we should use real tile there—(13 x 13– but it's so far impossible to find matching tile this size). He thinks it would be very difficult to even out the stairs so as to be able to install the Allure "tile" on the steps. We have concrete below the flooring on these two steps. These steps are also right next to the washing machine, so moisture will be an issue.The other issue
    is finding matching stair nosing–apparently Allure does not make them, nor does Allure make matching thresholds. HELP!!!

  9. The best thing I can tell you would be to go to like Home Depot and look for a laminate stair nosing that matches or dam close to it. You will also have to glue down the Allure. However a laminate nosing has a edge on it that allows for the thickness of that type of flooring. So you may need to mill it down. Nope not as hard as it sounds. You would just shave down the top with a table saw. But then you will have to re-stain it. Gee this sounds like a great video for me to make..

  10. For the coverup, do you just add a 1/4 round at the back of the stair landing? Do you do the sides as well?

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