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Do I need a building permit.

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This is something I’m always asked. Do I need a permit? The simple answer is yes, always. You’re only a phone call away of really knowing. Just call your building department and ask. Be very truthful and you’ll get the right answer.


If You are doing anything to do with structural i.e. making a window opening bigger where the header needs to be enlarged then yes you need a permit.


Always, yes it’s that simple.


This one is in a grey area. If you’re doing something just removing and replacing a kitchen sink then no. But if you’re remodeling a bathroom then yes. You’re always way better off just making that call to the building inspector.


Yes, 100% always. If you have an existing deck and you’re rebuilding it you may get away with it if you’re not caught in the act. But you still need a permit. Ever read the paper when a deck falls and people get hurt and even dead. Well, guess what, when you go to your home insurance company for that big claim you’re going to be in for a big shock. You’re not covered because you did not get the required building permit and the required inspections. No matter who built it.

Some Towns Suck

As a contractor, I’ve seen some crazy stuff. For Newburgh NY they require a permit to go to the bathroom. So do yourself a favor and ask. And always take note of whom you spoke to.

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