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I installed a 40 amp stablok breaker in my main panel.I hooked up the red wire on the one lug and black wire on the other lug, and the ground on the ground bus bar..When i check each wire on it’s own red to ground i get 120, black to ground i get 120. But when I check them together i don’t get 240 like i’m expecting, do you know why that is?? I check an existing 40 amp breaker in the panel, and when i check the red and black together i get 240.. But the new one will not, but individual lines are hot???

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Wes 4 years 2 Answers 547 views

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  1. You are right!! I was grabbing the same hot legs…Thanks for your help, I love your video’s they teach me a tun! Thanks again.


  2. Chances are you’re grabbing two of the same hot leg. If you notice you have two hot legs coming in from the street. If you look in the panel it’s split up the same on two different hot leg bars that power the breaker. So make sure you’re grabbing the different ones with the breaker.

    Or you’re using the wrong type of breaker.



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