Adding ground bar to existing sub panel with aluminum feed


I have a Gould sub panel installed in the late 1970’s. I watched the sub panel video, did some searching on the internet and found the correct bar GB-10 for a ground. My questions is, this 100 amp sub panel has what looks like to be 2-2-2-2 aluminum twisted wire for the feed. I have read different reviews, some saying ok (most mains have aluminum) others saying only the solid aluminum had a problem. Assuming it is ok with the aluminum attached to the ground bar, is there something specific I need to keep put on the bus where the twisted aluminum from ground will be attached to avoid corrosion. After turning off power, my intent was to install the ground bar, attach the feed ground to the new bar, then move all the grounds which are currently on the neutral (see picture) to the new ground bar. As in the sub panel video on askmediy.

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  1. When installing any aluminum wires you’ll want to use a dielectric grease on the connections.

    And yes use copper for grounding wires, it’s just better protection.

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