Best approach to fix skirting board / plasterboard issue


I’ve just recently bought a house and some of the rooms had new plasterboard put in but rather than remove the skirting and plasterboard to the floor, it appears the previous owners fitted plasterboard to the top of the skirting board.

In some cases (like the attached photo), this looks pretty crap as there is a gap where the top of the skirting goes in towards the wall and the plasterboard sticks out over the top.

Can you recommend the best way for me to remedy this problem?



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Jaime Macleod 2 years 1 Answer 430 views 0

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  1. Well, there are two ways really. One, of course, would be to remove and replace and do it right. Or you may want to try to just use painters caulk to fill in those caps. We do that all the time. No matter if the job was done right or not.

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