Connecting a European 220 V device to a US 220 V circuit


Dom –

Sorry first of all for asking a potentially stupid question. We have bought a mudroom door in Germany which comes with a fingerprint scanner. It has not been customized for US use and comes with German 220v wiring. In anticipation we have asked our GC to give us a 220 V outlet right next to the mudroom door. So far so good. Now – how do we connect the German three cables (I assume two of them are 110 V each and the third one is ground) with the ‘one wire US 220v’ set up we have had installed there. You figured by now that I am an amateur but I hope you can help me getting my head around this because the GC makes it sound like heavy lifting. Thanks much in advance!



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Frank Seibold 4 years 1 Answer 488 views

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  1. Potentially stupid question got my attention lol. First thing first. US 220 volts would be two hots and a ground or a ground and a neutral.

    Not sure what you have but I would think you would have two hots and a ground. Do you have a brand and model number of what you have?

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