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I have an older (over 10 years old) upper deck (cedar planks and rails) that has been previously stained with a semi solid brownish stain, with a stairway (20 steps) to a new lower  deck (720 sq ft with benches)  we had installed (pressure treated wood) last year. So far the pressure treated deck has not been stained. I would like to stain both this spring with a matching color semi solid stain.

How should I proceed to clean and stain the decks. What stain would you recommend? Any other tips would be appreciated.

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  1. Hi John, John use a good deck cleaner would be key here. Once your deck is cleaned and dry you’ll be ready for staining. There are many good brands of deck stain to choose from. Just pick a name brand and with UV protection.  I’ve including a link for the deck cleaner I like and use every year.

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