drilling and putting a wall plug into spackle, taped up dry wall


hi i recently tried to put up some curtain rails and unfortunately whilst drilling have put a much larger hole and made a mess of the wall, now i need that same area to put the curtain rails on, can i put spackle into the large hole together with the path/tape and then redrill into the hole with a wall plug? will it be stable? thanks for the answers in advance i presume its an insanely novice question

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Shacheesh Sinha 2 years 2 Answers 552 views 0

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  1. thank, decided to drill another hole next to it. seems like the initial problem was created because my basic drill couldn’t drill through the lintel above the window, so i created a really big hole.

  2. Not an insane question at all. The important thing here is not to install your bracket in the same repaired area. The patch will just break apart. The spackle alone will be very brittle.

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