Did my electrician run too small of wire?


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Hello. I think my electrician didn’t run heavy enough wire for a long 20 amp circuit. From the breaker box he ran #10 Romex for the first leg of the circuit. The first leg runs into an underground 1 inch pvc conduit 122ft into a j-box. From there he ran #12 Romex back underground, in conduit, for another 129 ft into and outdoor GFCI outlet.

All the online calculators make it look like the circuit needs #6 wire for that long of a pull. A 15 amp breaker would probably take care of that circuit for me, but isn’t the #10 and #12 wire still way too small? Is the electrician way off base and should I raise a stink about it or am I wrong?

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  1. Please briefly explain why you feel this answer should be reported .


    Yes by using a calculator you would be correct. Even I come up with #6. However, I would do the same all depending on what you’re using that outlet for. Either way, any new electrical work should be inspected by the electrical inspector. Then you’ll know for sure. And at that point, you can pay for the work.


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