Fireplace surround and mantel


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I just watched the video of you making your fireplace. Great job!! My question is this.  My wifes nephew asked me to make a fireplace with stone aroumd his electric fireplace insert. I have never made one before

So i too will be winging it. But after watchinf it seems fairly easy. My question is. If i make a fireplace out of plywood  Can i just put the mortor and stone onto plywood  ? Or what kind of  backing should i use? Instead of plywood.


I think  you used a some kind of concrete board ? And also what particular. kind of mortor mix did you use to attach the rocks? . Thanks for your help.

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    You would use wood (plywood) if you like a tile backer board glued and screwed. Then install a wire mesh on that with something like roofing nails. But pay attention to the mesh. There is an up and down direction to it. Install the mesh so the up is up of course.

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