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An Addendum to Noise in the Baseboards:

Hi Dominick,

You suggested I bleed the air out of my Laars Mini Therm system to get rid of the banging noise. I was doing that only opening the valve while it was running, and the situation was improving (there were bubbles coming up in the water every so often). However now the boiler will not come on. It was short cycling before and the manual says that banging and short cycling are due to a lack of water.

I opened the valve when the unit was not running and no water came out. Would the water flow shut off if the unit isn’t running? Have I drained the system?  I only filled a 5 gallon bucket when I was bleeding the air out.

I had someone do some work on it changing a starter a couple of months ago. Would they have turned the water supply off and forgotten to turn it back on? There is a valve on a line coming out of my water heater that looks like it could be the supply line but the knob won’t turn one way or another. It seems to be frozen.

I probably sound stupid here. I am pretty handy but I don’t know much about these boilers.





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  1. Please briefly explain why you feel this answer should be reported.


    Hey Tom, Tom it really seems like that water valve is off. It must be on and stay on.