I tried cleaning my roof


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I tried cleaning my roof with a product from “Cleaner Today”  Same type of approach, spray it on with a bug sprayer and rinse off with garden hose.  First coat didn’t seem to work that well.  I did second coat and it “appears” to be better but still not what I would consider a good job.  I would like to try the solution you suggested but had a few questions.

My roof is in Florida, about 11 years old.  The color difference is REALLY noticeable in the area below vent caps and stacks.  Faces Northwest

Is it bleach and therefore will it discolor the singles  (shingle color is bronze)

Will it harms plants and grass.

Should I “wet” down plants and grass area first and throughout

ONCE I spray on the solution how long do I let the product “sit”

The water pressure seems a little low so I bought one of those simple “power wands” for a little more  oomph  ( I would have put that in quotes but I thought I was going overboard)  The power wand is just a little more concentrated spray area.

ANY WAY would be greatly appreciated

LOVE the videos


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