installing power in a small detached shed


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Hello, I am.  I was planning on s circuits a 15A and 20A. My plan was to use  gray PVC schedule 40 for electrical wire, UV or outside 14/2 for the 15A and 12/2 for the 20A pulled through the PVC buried then up through the shed floor  terminating in a 2 breaker sub panel with a single pole 15 and 20A breaker. The sub panel is not bonded and a ground buss has been added. These 2 sets of of wires will be connected to the house load center by single pole breakers 15 and 20A. I was planning to add a ground rod and#6 copper wire for the shed.  Is this OK? Could this cause a possible ground loop because the main house load panel is grounded by a ground rod. In the very near future I will be upgrading my house load center to 200A service as now it is 100A as well as do some rewiring where needed. In the more distant future I plan to add a detached garage and power. The shed for now is badly needed for some storage as well a temporary workshop but it is a small unit 14ft x10ft When the garage is constructed I plan to keep power in the shed but mainly for some lighting. Please let me know your thoughts on this. I spoke with the city code person and inspector and he seemed to think as was OK but will check into it. He said it is probably not necessary to install a ground rod by the shed but I am planning to do so. The house load center only has one ground rod as that was probably OK when installed.   Kind Regards, Frank                                          ‘                     .

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    Hi Frank, yeah I would install a grounding rod at the shed. I would also either just run either one 20amp 120 line to the shed or a small sub-panel.

    But for what you need, I would say the one 20 amp is more than enough.

    Sorry for the delay. The title of your question was “Owner” those get caught as spam. All good now.

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