Main disconnect below my electric meter outside


Below my Electric meter on my house I have a main disconnect with a 100amp breaker in the top slot I have a open slot below it I was wondering if I could put a 50 amp breaker in it and have a 230v waterproof outlet to run my welder the outlet would be 6-50-r thanks josh


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  1. Honestly I’ve only done this temporary. I would check with your electrical inspector. ┬áJust remember that main service wire. That could be your biggest issue.

  2. Is it safe and legal and up to code

  3. Ok here is the deal. It will work yes. But since you only have a 100 amp breaker leads me to believe the wire supplying that breaker is only a 100 amp service wire. So you’ll want to be careful ok.

  4. I have no room in my breaker box I was wondering I could use this open slot

  5. Without seeing it, it’s hard for me to say. I would just go to the main panel if I was use.

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