My apartment has an “in-wall” permanent A/C.  The outlet is just below it and I am sure it is a 220V?  It is the only 220V outlet… It has only 1 plug.  I am looking for a remote control converter plug to inset into that outlet.  So my A/C will be workable by remote control.  The management says that the A/C had a remote, but they cannot find it!!!  So the A/C is “wired” to work with a remote… I just need a new plug that the remote will control.  I tried a couple of plug, but I think they were 110V and they only lasted for a couple of weeks.  Do you have any suggestions for a remote 220V plug that will work?  My A/C is a Frigidaire Energy Star… with push buttons for “Mode” “Fan Speed” “Sleep” “Filter Reset” “On/Off” push buttons.  There is a tiny square that has “Remote Sensing” by it.  On the wall plug there is a# on the side of the plug… 030411050109… The plug has a “Reset” button and a small green light to show that the power is “ON.”  Is this a 220V A/C?  HELP-PLEASE

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  1. Annie none of this is making any sense. A remote for a plug would only be if it’s 110 volt and that’s for like Christmas lights and lamps. By no means a AC unit. So lets not think of a remote plug ok. That’s just crazy. If you want it to be on a remote you either need to find one or just buy another AC unit.

    Use this link  

  2. Regarding the outlet… it is a regular 3 prong electricial outlet.  the two prong oulets with the wider prong on the left side… and the regular sized prong on the right;  and a circular round hole for the ground prong… under those two outlets.  It is a simple regular electricial outlet… There is only ONE outlet for a single connection for that outlet.  That means there is NO way to ever plug anything into that outlet.  It is for a single 220V plug ONLY.  For my A/C.  I need an adapter to fit that outlet that I can plug a remote switch into that will be take a 220V adapter remote switch without burning out the remote switch.  I tried two 110V remote switches and they both burned out within a week….  So I need a Remote adapter for that type of electrical outlet… with the two plugs and a ground hole… for a 220V powered Remote adapter.  The adapter must have a new remote switch… that will lay next to my chair to use to activate my A/C… I hope I was able to describe my set up… Stay with me… we may get this done yet… I just hope that Frigidaire will take a “Universal Remote 220V Adapter.”   THANK YOU… “Annie” is Mary Ann Leader :-}

  3. I need a picture of at least the outlet. If you can’t do that I’m afraid you’re shit out of luck.

  4. Is that A/C unit a 110V or a 220V?  I don’t know which it is.  I called Fridigaire and they asked me for a Model# of that Fridgidaire model.  And there is no place on the inside that displays any kind of Model #.   The woman was not able to help me without a “Model #”  At this point, I don’t know if it is a 110V or 220V.  How can you tell?  PS… I don’t have Facebook!  And I can’t do any photo either… I don’t have a cell phone.

  5. It’s not the plug. The remote is part of the AC unit just like a TV would be. I would just on ebay or the manufacturer site for a replacement..

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