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I want to rip out my fiberglass shower and install a tile shower like you did in the video in my condo. I know I have to expose the flange then undo screws and cut it all up and take it out. One thing is I don’t think they used wonderboard to cement board , they used green board I think. Should I replace all of this with cement board?

Also, doing a tile backsplash in a kitchen over knockdown walls? What do I need to prep to install the mosaic tile sheets? Can I just install it directly on the painted knockdown surface, or do I need to install concrete board here as well?

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    For a shower and or bathtub area I would definitely use a tile board.  For the kitchen back splash you would install the tiles right on the sheetrock.

    And yes Green Board is still used today. But you will always be better off using a tile board.