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I’m trying to re-caulk around a bath. I’m trying to remove all the caulking, but having issues as the tile on the walls is uneven. So I’m able to remove the caulking from the bath, which is smooth, but I’m having trouble removing all the caulking from the uneven wall tile.

To remove the caulking from the tile, I’ve tried using:

  • Razor knife
  • Metal caulking scraper
  • Chemicals silicone caulking remover (“lift off”) and plastic scraper
  • Lots of time

I initially started by just cutting and scraping the caulking away, but found the straight blade of razor knife and scraper left a thin residue of silicone caulking on some of the uneven tile. So I tried chemicals, “lift off” is the product I’ve used. But still after multiple applications and scraping with a plastic scraper and wiping down, the silicone residue is still there. It is coming off, but at this rate it will be next Christmas before I’ve got all the caulking off.

If the original caulking job was executed well, I may consider caulking over what I has removed, just with a thinker bead. But the original job is a bit messy and in places the caulking is a bit smeared on the tile. Being white caulking on white tile, it does not show. But again this is a bit of a headache, now I’m trying to re-caulk.

If you have any ideas as to how to resolve this issue, I would be very grateful to hear them.

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    Hey Any, Merry Christmas. I’ve been there before. The best chemical to use would be a “Lacquer Thinner” And maybe even some steel wool. But easy on the wool. It can scratch easy.

    Other than that. Soak it for a bit and it should come right up. Stinks bad but works good.