Removing plaster and lathe walls


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im getting ready to gut the inside of the house I am buying. We plan on removing the plaster and lathe walls in order to run hvac and better insulate the house. What is an easier and less messy way of removing plaster and lathe from walls and ceilings without creating a huge mess? I know most people just go at it with a hammer and start punching holes everywhere and ripping it down.  Just curious if there is a more efficient way. Thanks

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    That’s a very funny question being that I’ve done that so many times. There really is no clean or easy way to do it. Wide flat bars seem to work the best and electrical dykes (pliers) for removing those little nails.

    You’ll also need to add nailers (2×4′ or 2×6’s in the corners where needed.

    I can tell you that when you remove the lathe to separate the lathes in a nicely stacked pile.

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