Senioer Buggy Whip Repairman


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I’ve looked high and low for “Sodium Hypocrite” as it appears in several places on your site.

Do you sell it? Is it expensive??

“Hypo” suggests the opposite of “hyper” and “crite” sounds like a shortening of the familiar term “critter,” so I’m guessing this must be a tiny little bugger of a thing that we’re talking about, eh?

Also, have you ever fallen off a roof? Just wondering… I have, and it’s no fun. But not as much fun as  waiting for customers in my new buggy-whip repair business. I wonder what Dr. Oz would say? Hmmm. Or Deepak Chopra. Would Jesus bother cleaning a roof or let one of His disciples?  Definitely Judas, I’d say. Yeah…what an asshole.

Have a sparkly day!

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  1. Please briefly explain why you feel this answer should be reported .


    I use to sell it. But it was way to costly to ship. And no I’ve never fallen off of a roof. Ladders yes. Try this stuff, I hear it’s pretty good.

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