Tripping breaker


My gas stove, garbage disposal and entire garage (3 lights, two outlets) are on a 20amp breaker and about a month ago the breaker starting tripping repeatedly, usually about twice a day. I replaced the breaker and that didn’t help. I don’t know what to do next and I certainly can’t afford to have an electrician come out if it’s something I can do myself. I asked an electrician what he thought. He said it sounded like there was power being drawn from somewhere and since it’s been tripping even when none of those things (garage, disposal and stove) are being used he thought maybe it’s the wire running power from the house to the garage. Help me please.

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Brian Scott Dickenson 3 years 1 Answer 555 views

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  1. Yeah I would also go with the wire to the garage deal. Is there a way to disconnect the garage?

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