Two switches with light between


I’m going to try and explain my situation I have two switches with light between the two  but I also have another set of wires from switch 1 where the power source comes into that tie into source going to switch 2 and then goes on to separate light switch. I was replacing switch 1 discounted all the wires and not paying attention to what I was doing and now I’m screwed I can’t put itcc back together can you please send me a diagram on how to recount wiring thanks would really appreciate your help and set me up again as number 1 son in law.

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Jose Enriquez 4 years 1 Answer 504 views 0

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  1. Sorry to say there is no wire diagram for anyone setup. You’ll have to figure out what wires go where and what they are for. It’s way too hard for me to try to figure this out without being there. Send me pictures if you can.

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