Underlayment How to tell if they installed it in a cubby area


Q: Is there any way to tell if underlayment was installed under pergo, in a small door area without pulling up the floor?
I had some pergo floors installed last December. There is an area by the door that slants down and I wonder if they installed the underlayment.
I remodeled the room and pulled up carpet and filled any nail holes myself. I prepped the floors and spent months in there and didn’t notice any slant by the door. It is about a 2ft 6in x 2ft 6in area for the door.
I purchased the upgraded 3mm gold pergo underlayment. After the installation it feels like a slant. About April I called and had a Lowes area manager come and look. He said there is no way to tell.
The leveler shows a slight slant. (? 3mm)
Every time coming in and out of the room, you can feel where the floor height changes and it lines up with the other wall, like if they just left the door area underlayment off.
I know with tile floors there is a way to tell if it is hollow or solid underneath.
Question: Is there any way to tell if there is underlayment under the Pergo in that area, without pulling up the floor?
Thank you

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  1. Hey Micky, nope you’ll have to pull it up in order to see.

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