Welder wiring hookup


Hey Dominick,

Here’s how I hooked up my welder wiring and the outlet and wiring fried.


Here’s the outlet I need to hook up my welder. It’s a 50A 6-50R type.



Here’s how I wired it. Hot wires on left/right, ground in the middle. Using 10/2 Romex here.



Hot wires each hooked to one pole on the 30 amp breaker.



I originally hooked the ground wire to this ground bar and thought that was correct. When I flipped on the breaker, the outlet and wires fried.



On the 2nd attempt, I connected the ground wire to this neutral bar instead of the ground bar. This works on theory (no sparks or smoke) and it checkout out with a voltmeter at the outlet. But I don’t understand what everything got zapped when it was connected to the ground bar. I’m stumped. I feed the ground wire…should be on the ground bar.



Thoughts? Ideas?





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Answers ( 2 )

  1. Panel is a Siemens.

    On the left and right side of the breakers are neutral bars. Up in the top left and right corners are ground bars (hidden behind the wires).



  2. Let me have a picture of the whole panel

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