Wiring in a GE digital timer box to control a 20amp 240v outlet from a 30amp breaker


Hello! Huge fan here and love your videos! So I am really new to all of this and your videos have really been a life saver! I’m in the middle of installing a 50amp sub-panel in a room in my basement to power (2) 20amp 240v outlets which will be on a GE digital timer box model #15136. I am working with all power off as hooking the 6/3 wire into my main will be the very last thing I do with the help of a licensed electrician. So, I have my sub-panel up and the 6/3 going into the top of it and have neatly connected my ground, my neutral, and my two hots. I have secured to my wall the empty recepticles I will be using exactly where I want them and also have the timer box put up next to the sub-panel.I ran my 10/3 from where the two single gang boxes that are going to hold my 20amp round 240v outlets and ran it to the are next to the panel and timer box leaving myself way more then enough wire, prolly close to 5ft. My question/s : So I have the 10/3 going into the sub-panel via a pop out hole on the bottom of the panel and have a 3/8in cable clamp installed. I stripped the wire and neatly connected the ground, the neutral and am about to connect the 2 hots to my 30amp breaker and pop it into place but first I want to make sure that it doesn’t matter which side the red and black go. I don’t see it labeled so could the red and black hots go in either “hot slot” on the breaker or does red specifically have to go in one of the slots and black always on the other??
Next I have the directions for the GE digital timer box but cannot seem to find any videos showing me exactly how it is done. The timer box came with3 little plastic bags, one holding wire nuts and a few screws, one that is labeled 40 amp and has 2 squared U shape pieces of wire and the other labeled 30amp and also has 2 squared U shape pieces of wire. The instructions are pretty straight forward and show pictures of what to do but I guess I am confused if I must uses the lil bag labeled 30 amp with those 2 squared U shape wires. The reason I am even asking is bc a buddy that hass been helping me over the phone and thru email says his timer box did not come with them but at the same time his timer box is not digital. In the instructions it says something about using those U shape pieces of wire to “connect the circuit”. I want to follow the directions and pictures explicitly but I figured it couldn’t hurt to ask a pro like you. Lastly does it change anything in the timer box that I am going to have 2 outlets at the end of the line instead of just one? I mean I don’t think it should since it’s not like I am using 2 separate wires, using wire nuts I will just connect the bottom receptacle ( they are sitting one on top of the other) to the one right on top. I hope this was not TOO confusing and hope that you can understand what I am asking. If you need pictures to see exactly what I am talking about please just ask and Ill see some right over to ya. Any and all help is greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance!!

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  1. Okay here are some pictures, please excuse the crappy quality and odd lighting in a few. My shakey hands were not built for picture taking…

    Okay first is a picture of the subpanel and the two 240v 20 amp outlets that will be powered by a 30 amp breaker and being on a GE digital timer you can see to the left of the subpanel. Next is the 30 amp breaker wired in with 10/3 wire followed by the inside of the timer box, i also included pics of the directions that came with the timer box and also the square u shape parts that cam with it. If there are other picture you need or something i need to get closer or take a better pic of please just ask! Thank you SO much for your help!

  2. Hi how are you. The two power wires, the red and black will make no difference. They are both the same. Each one is a hot leg, 120 volt each. As far as everything else pictures would be a bigger help.

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