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How to Patch a Pothole in Blacktop

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Now in this video, you’ll see that I cut the hole square. This makes the edges of the hole as deep or deeper than the rest. This is very important on how strong the patch will be and how long it will last. If you didn’t cut the hole edges square it may not be that big of a deal. Just as long as you can achieve some kind of depth to the patch.

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How to Patch a Pothole

Most of us call it cold patch, some will call it something very different. But still the same it’s asphalt in a bag. The colder it is outside the harder it will be to spread out and pack down. The use of a large torch would be a big help to help warm it up. Pack it down nice and tight and you’ll be OK.

How to Patch A Hole In your Driveway / Blacktop
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