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Installing A TV Mount To The Wall

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Seems simple enough, right. Well, many have made the mistake of thinking that the sheetrock alone would be strong enough to hold the TV and the mount. Yeah not really LOL

You must have the lag “Wood Bolts” into the wood studs. Simple enough, just use a stud finder to locate the studs, drill a pilot hole smaller than the bolt.

I remember buying a TV mount for way over a 150. bucks. These days TVs and mounts are made better and cheaper, cost-wise. The mount I installed here in this video was $39.99 on Amazon. Here’s a link to that mount.   And Mounting Dreams site.  I found it super easy to install and most important very strong.

They say:

For a 42″ TV the center should be 56″ to the center of the screen

For a 55″ should be 61″ to the center of the screen.

For a 65″ should be 77″ from the floor to center.

Well here’s the deal. Mount the TV whatever works for you. Of course, if it’s a room that you mostly stand-in, you’ll want to mount it higher. If it’s in an area that someone could walk into it I would mount it higher. It’s your house, it’s your TV. Have fun watching your TV.

The images below are the TV in my bedroom that is mounted at least 6 feet from the bottom to the floor and the other is in my family room and that’s more like 42″ from the floor to the center and that’s a 70″ TV.

How To Install A TV Mount To The Wall
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