How to adjust a door when it’s hitting the sides.

This is a great tip, but it’s not always the correct answer.

Since the trim will be in place it’s going to be hard to see the cap from the hinge to the actual framing.

In most cases, you should have about 3/4″ inches. I always like to use a 3″ screw. If you can use a power screw gun, this will make things a lot easier. However, you don’t want to overpower and bury the screw so deep that something will break.

Some doors have three or even four hinges. If the door is hitting from the top, use the top hinge. And so on.

Remove one small screw from that hinge and replace it with the longer screw (3″) Tighten just enough that will allow the frame to suck in so the door is not hitting. Pretty simple, right.

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everybody in this video I’m going to show you how to adjust the door when you close the door and it sitting in the attic push it hardwell in this case it’s a relatively new door doesn’t have a million coat of paint on it and it’s one of these cheaper makes an icon this bores what we don’t want to do is start trimming the door that’s always anybody’s first answer to it is I’ll just cut it well once you tuck the door that’s it you know you bought the farm if you cut too much or whatever so I can see where it’s hitting the top so let me give you a better view on here I’m going to show you what we’re going to attempt to doall right now if you look as I close the door just generally about putting a lot of pressure we can see where it’s hatin right here and you know the rest of it doesn’t look bad but here is where we normally would say okay let’s just sand it down a little bit or get a saw and chop it off but that’s really like I Said it’s not the answer right away so let’s go look for an answer what I want to do Pierre was the top of the door that’s it I want to see if I Can push the door in and I can I think I Can actually wiggle it and from my angle where I can actually see the hinge there’s an issue with the hinge so obviously if we were to tighten that they might suck it in enough to where it’s not hidden let me give you a better view of that exactly all right well I pretty much establish that the hinge on this door is really not that good of condition a lot of times when you buy these doors you know they’re ready in the frame and everything they really don’t give you good hinges so you know it’s to be expected so we’re going to do every I’m Gonna pull the hinge out and really examine it once in my hand if I feel that should be replaced and I’m worried about and replace all these hinges and go from there[Music]I wouldn’t replace that hinge all three of them actually one thing I didn’t show you but it’s ready done so too good is when you have the door it's humble ready and you gonna replace all three hinges well we could do one at a time once it’s the same engine you know you should be put in place with the same Inge just doone at a time just so you gotta take the whole door all up our cuts so now B then if I replace ball then check this out doesn’t hit still pretty close we got a little bit of a gap there it makes you a lot more but then okay now I don’t have to do it on this project but one thing I want to show you so I’ve done it many times in the past it’s not the greatest thing in the world to do and you gotta be careful on it if you see here the hinge that’s on the jamb side that’s the side you know this idea all the framing and everything well when you have where my screw is this is this little screw that goes in to hold thathinge in it and that’s fine but if it’s still hey man you know you can just push that door just a little bit take the screw out of the hinge and put a longer screw in one that’s gonna go through the jamb look at the gap space that’s gonna be in here with you if your installed door you at the shins and stuff Chris gonna go into the frame so we can actually do and I’m gonna do it with the regular screwdriver gonna use a little power toit just put the screw right in there and that you really careful on because it’s really easy especially with the power tosuck that screw too far and then really like the smart cracking stuff so you don’t want to do that so first make sure it sits flush which it is make sure everything’s good like I say that gap I Want to open that gap up just a little teeny bit as far as this tightening screw you don’t need months that’s for sure just once it’s once it’s locked into a stud the turn can really make a big difference which I mean you can do ittop little whoever whoever made things a little lady let’s see oh look at that even ask better now our problem initially was the hinge but I wanted to move that over even more so yeah now and actually everything pretty good it looks good nice and wide like that what look at okay well now our door isdone it’s closed now we could maybe repaint it so some of these nasty little marks up anywaythat’s how you do iton any door especially an exterior doorthe exterior doors weigh a lot more andbelieve it or not some of theseexpensive exterior doors you got theycome with those cheap-ass ninjas too soit’s always a good idea to change it toa better higher-quality hinge andsecurity as well a lot of people thinkyou for the door interlocking difficultyscrews well you know give it a good hiton here and on these cute doors fallapart anyway that’s how you can justdoor by the hinges and the screws orwhatever the hell you want to call itworks well thanks for watching


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