220 or will 2 – 110’s do the job


The big picture is this – I’m setting up solar power to my pump house, cause I’m tired of losing power and not having water for a few days. I want to hook up my pump house (a 220-volt house) to an inverter.

The breaker panel powers a well pump – (220 volts)-
and the conditioner -(a 110 volt) item- And an outlet

Can I hook up a 110-volt inverter with the 2 – 110-volt outlets – up to the breaker panel?
Has 2 outlets on the inverter, each with its own 110 volts.

I need 2 – 110-volt lines for the breaker panel. Why couldn’t I match them up to power the breaker panel?

If no – then why not?

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  1. Yeah, It sounds very tricky and complicated…

  2. This is way too involved for me to just have a simple answer without being there. Sorry buddy.

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