4 wires red black white and ground


my new stove has 4 wires red black white and ground  my wall plug has 3  white black ground  how do i hook it up

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SandyJohnson 4 years 3 Answers 5888 views

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  1. Use a tester to make sure you have power between your white and black wires. You should have 220 volts. If you do and you should than connect your black to the black, your white to the ovens red and your ground to the ovens white.

    This can be very confusing. And please only use what I’m saying as a guide.

    oven-3 wire

  2. It’s a whirlpool double oven  model wod51es4esoo


  3. Hi Sandy. The white and black in your case are going to take the place of the black and red ones.

    So, the black and white you have coming from the wall are both hot. And the ground is ground of course. What is the make and model of your new stove?


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