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A 1979 Burnham Hydronic residential Boiler Furnace. I have researched many hours trying to find guidance for this system, to no avail.
Could I send you pictures and/or a video (which ever you would prefer) to get your thoughts?
I have found that every thing I have read or watched mentions an Expansion Chamber, mine does not have one. I also can not locate a Pressure Reducing Valve.
Some of the rooms have fin type baseboard heat while others have the cast iron loopy-loop heaters. Some of each do give heat but those that do are not throwing heat like they used to. No one around this area knows anything about this unit.
It is a
Ans z21-13 A 1979
Low Pressure Boiler.

I pray you have a few minutes to share some of your knowledge with me.
Thank you
Sincerely, Christine

P.S. I would very much like to locate a manual for this unit, as well.



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    I have tried several times to send you some videos, I even shortened the overall video into smaller chunks and still couldn’t..
    I was able to send them to your Facebook messenger.

    The boiler needs to be manually filled by way of a valve when the glass tube shows the water level low. Once water has been added, the unit will fire up.
    If that valve is left on too long, the whole unit becomes flooded with water and water seeps & pours out of any opening it can.

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    Ok first off, you have a boiler. Not a furnace. A furnace would be air vents.

    Ok, so since you have a “boiler” you do have an expansion tank, somewhere. Being that it’s an older home it can be anywhere connected to the heating lines, anywhere. When I can’t locate one I start looking in ceilings that perhaps are covered some sheetrock or something.

    You must have a regulator, otherwise, your boiler would’ve blown up already. Send me lots of pictures or even a video.