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Hi, i live in a fairly new build house (its coming up to 4 years old) i painted my sons room around 2 years ago using a silk paint from the b&q colour range. the problem is the paint is peeling off the wall. its peeling in huge sheets! i know i didnt use the best make paint, but iv used it before with no bother. i have asked various people why they think its happened and iv heard a wide range of answers. from the fact it was new plaster to i should of sanded the walls first. the walls were painted in a matte magnolia when i moved in. i have peeled off as much paint as i can, which to be honest is the majority. i obviously want to combat this and dont want it to happen again once i redecorate. i have bought dulux matte paint this time, as a few friends have told me its a common problem with matte paint. im wondering if anyone knows why this has happened and if there is anyway i can prevent it?


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  1. WOW, well the first thing that comes to mind, do people smoke in the room? How high is the humidity? Because to me, it looks like humidity is the issue.

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