Pumping SH onto mossy roofs


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Thank you for all of the information on your site/you tube! I’m interested in your pump set up that you used in cleaning the carpet of moss from the roof. Your video shows you using a pump sprayer, but that is tedious especially when you need to keep refilling. I have a cleaning business in Oregon and would like to add moss removal to my list of services since I am asked ALL THE TIME. Did you have a trailer mounted unit or was it a smaller unit? A video on the trailer build would be fantastic. However, I’d like to avoid yet another trailer and am looking for ideas. I saw someone mentioned tree sprayers ranging from $149-$339 that mount on an ATV, but I’m not sure how that would work if you don’t plan on using an ATV. Do you have any other ideas?

BTW, you should set up a payment for everyone who wants to ask you questions. It might make it more bearable for you if people are paying $5 or $10 to get their questions asked especially when people are asking the same things over and over. It’d accomplish two things:

1. You’d have less questions to answer
2. You’d be making money

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    We had everything mounted in a van. Just a special air pump, large gas powered compressure and 55-gallon tanks for the most part. Just look up air powered chemical pumps and you’ll find it.

    Yes maybe I should set something up. Thank you.