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Using Dap Sealants and Caulk.

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The usage of DAP Sealants 

The spray foam I use in this video is made by DAP. Now unlike other spray foams, I’ve used in the past that were super sticky and god forbid you to get some of that stuff where you don’t want it. WOW, good luck getting that off. That’s the one thing I really liked about the DAP. I even put on my hand and washed it right off with water and water only.

However, this stuff does expand like you think it would. But not like the other stuff. This could either be good or bad, if you’re sealing around windows or doors then you really don’t want that super sticky super expanding stuff. So use the right stuff for the right job.

Using Dap Foam sealant and 3.0 Weather seal caulk
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