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How to Install an Electric Stove Plug

What Stove Plug Do I Use?

So you just bought a new stove. And now you’re really confused on what plug to install. Chances are your old stove was on a 40 amp breaker and you have no intentions on changing it to a 50 amp. Well for the most part that’s too bad. Most newer, nicer stores are going to require a 50 amp line. I mean really, think about this for a minute. Your new stove claims to boiler water faster, maybe? Or the coils are bigger or you may even have a center one. Either way, these newer units are nicer and better. So, of course, you’re going to need more juice.

But hang on. Before you get all nuts here let’s check the electrical requirements. On your stove, there is going to be a metal plate stating just what it needs on KW.

Manufactures Electrical Requirements

stove plug

New stove electrical plate

Range connection opening size chart

Ok So Now What To Use. 3 Wire or 4 Wire

In the case in this video we already have a 40 amp connection. But it’s only a 3 wire. Do we really need to upgrade to a 4 wire? Most manufacturers will show how to with either one.

So Why Use A 4 wire?

Here’s the deal on a four wire. The only difference is that the four wire has an extra wire, yeah no kidding lol. But that fourth wire is a separate ground and when you use that fourth wire you will want to remove the bonding strap.

Installing or removing bonding strap

But don’t forget if you’re using a three wire you’ll want to keep that grounding strap in place.

Good practice in my eyes is to replace the old breaker with a new one. Same one, same amp rating, just a new one. Over the years the breaker becomes weaker and weaker so it’s a good idea to change the stove or oven breaker. Ok enough of the talk lets watch the video shall we.

How to Install an Electric Stove Plug
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  1. Are you installing the breaker with the wires attached to the breaker?

  2. im installing a 240v electric stove that requires a 10-4 gauge wire 40 amps i bought a 40 amp breaker and ran the bx cable, but for some reason when i put the breaker in it sparks and makes a buzzing noise can you help me out on what im doing wrong… fyi you can either choose three wire or four wire receptacle the store only had the four

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