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How to Install a 220 Volt Outlet 4 wire or Dryer Outlet

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In this video, I show you how to install a 220-volt outlet using 4 “wire” The fourth wire is neutral (white wire). Most dryer wires will be a 10 gauge wire for 30 amps. However, the wire shown in the video was a #6 wire for a 40 – 50 amp.

Please watch my video on how to install a 220-volt outlet (20 amp) and my other article on just wiring a dryer.

Connections to a stove, oven, or dryer.

Oven connections,220 volt outletPin
Connections to electric oven
How to Install a 220 Volt 4 Wire Outlet
Watch this video on YouTube.
Doing my best to bring you the best videos I know how.

Comments ( 38 )

  1. When installing a 220VAC outlet does it matter which leg of the 220VAC supply connects to which of the hot blades in the outlet?

  2. On my dryer why am I reading 110 from each leg but both legs together reads 0? It turns on but won’t heat up.

  3. Can you use 110 wires to hook up a 220 for electronic stove if it has 3 wires

  4. Can you use 110 volt wires to hook up electronic stove

  5. I would like to wire 220V into my garage. When I run the wire, is there a specific code one should follow? For example, does the wire have to be so far off the ground or wire must be routed X distance from certain appliances? Also, does it require conduit if it is routed through walls with insulation or is the outside insulation of the wire sufficient?

  6. I have two 220s in my kitchen and one I’m not using. I want to run that one to the laundry room for my dryer. Laundry room might be 15 feet away. How do I go about doing it? Would I need to go underneath the house and run the wire through the floor where the dryer will be? My breaker box is outside (old house) and the extra 220 that’s in the kitchen is wired there.

  7. Hi
    I have #10 wire with black white and ground. I want to put a dryer plug in. Can I use the wire I have and use the black and white as hot and just not have a neutral in the breaker box? I assume there are dryer outlets that have 3 prong or am I wrong? I am fixing to get the power company to put a pole in my mothers back yard for my camper so I need to buy a breaker box. I already have a breaker box for my camper so I guess I can just run the #10 from a 30 amp breaker from the main breaker box that the electric company will hook to to my camper breaker. Then I want to run the wire from the main box to my storage shed and put the dryer outlet in it. I will also need a 110 for a washer. So would I run two #10 2 with ground wires to the shed. One use the black for hot , white neutral and ground for the 110 and the black white as hot and ground for the 220? I know basic electric so I hope I know what I’m talking about. If not please tell me. And do it for dummies please. LOL Thanks

  8. what would happen if you put 220 to both the hot terminals? would you fry the electronics?

  9. Hello & thank you for you Sharing the wisdom in electronics wiring I’m looking to Provide battery back up power and free energy generator power provide battery back up power and free energy generator power wired straight into my 100 amp Fusebox using a 100 Amp Double Pole Breaker , the batteries will have an Inverter or 2 totaling about 6-7000 Watts continual but my generator Will be a car alternator bypassing the DC conversion will be using straight AC current straight off the stator , how to add a neutral wire into this ? The power sauce only has positive a negative ?

  10. I just bought a new dryer. Upon delivery it didn’t work. The repairman sent by the manufacturer didn’t find anything wrong with the dryer, but the voltage was weird across the plug connections when plugged in. (Black was 240v, Red was .75v). I find that the neutral is not connected at the breaker box. My question is how did my old dryer, also a 4-wire plug, work for 10+ years without it, and why would the electrician who wired the house leave it unattached. Can I just hook up the neutral without doing any damage? I’ve verified that the outlet is correctly wired with all 4 wires.

    • What you need to do. Unplugged, check voltage across the two hots, red and black. You should between 220-245 volts. And 120volts across each hot to the neutral.

      How did it work before, I would have to assume it’s because of the ground. Just make sure that is connected in the panel

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