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I rent a trailer and the main brker says 200 not 220. Dont know if this has anything to do with whats happening but ever since a smart meter was installed a portable heater started smoking an when It was unplugged its coils stayed red for darn near 20 min. Later i through it outside an finaley it stopped.Then just the other day my dryer did the same thing minus the smoke but the coils stayed hot on the top part of dryer with the breaker off and unplugged it stayed hot for a good 30 minutes! Talk about panic!!! I have never heard of this happening ?anyway i unplugged every wire there was behind the panel where the control panel is ! Do u have idea how i can find out what’went where or should i even attempt it?

No problem using the dryer for  the last year an a half .why would appliances stay on after they are unplugged?

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    That seems very strange and only because the dryer works. Almost sounds like you’re having issues with the neutral wire from the panel. First thing you need to check is line voltage. Make sure you measure using the neutral.

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