240 v New stove with new wire, 14-50R 4 prong , old existing receptacle, 10-50p 3 prong


Hi Dominic, Can I use an old male 10 -50 P to new female 14-50 R adapter to connect my new range to existing 50 amp wiring? no computers or clock in the range, just igniters for the gas stove top.

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Paul Bertholet 9 months 3 Answers 255 views 0

Answers ( 3 )

  1. Yeah sure thing. I wouldn’t worry about the warranty. The wire and plugs are made to be changed out.

  2. Thanks for the quick answer! I didn’t think of that . But
    I’m afraid of voiding the warranty on the stove by making alterations to it.

  3. I mean I think so off the top of my head. But why not just replace the plug on the stove to what you need. Easy enough.

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