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Dominick/Team – I enjoy your videos, they are point on and funny.  I have watched your video on adding outlets in a garage.  I am writing to get some advice on my additions.  I have a total disaster of a garage and  I need to do something about it before there is a nice bonfire for the neighbors to come see.  I don’t want to call an electrician so I can save a few bucks and I don’t want to overload or get killed either.  The set up on the detached garage is not good.  Three outlets and one bulb.  I have added extension cords and power strips to power three eight foot florescence (two bulbs on each), a four-four florescence strip (two bulbs), two garage door openers.   Not doing anything exciting.  I run typically power tools – router table with dust collection (shop vac), drills, table saw, circular saw and a stereo.  At max, I have the lights on, the tunes kicking and one tool on at a time.  The garage runs off a 20amp breaker, which sits in the house off the main panel).  I don’t know if I am better off starting from scratch or to modify what is currently in place.  If I start over…should I put a breaker in the garage?  Would it be reasonable to add four outlets around my bench area and four outlets rafter level to power the garage door openers and florescence lights?  Thanks you in advance.




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    Dominic –

    Thank you for the fast reply. This makes sense adding a 50-60 amp sub panel for the tools and keeping the lights and garage door on the 20 amp. This work is out of my league.  I look forward to seeing the video. If you need any photos of what not to do…I have plenty of my garage.

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    Honestly, I would install a 50 amp sub-panel. I do have a video coming out soon showing a installed sub panel with almost the same exact setup you’re talking about.